Mission Log 62

Out there, among the stars…

Javelin launching from Columbia.

Last night I took my carrier out to the 4x Low Temperature overlap. It’s roughly 1,000 light-years outside the bubble. Most of the night was spent stockpiling enough Tritium to to make sure I could get back to sell without having to mine extra. You often run into Tritium when mining Low Temp Diamonds so I’m pretty sure I’m set. Once I’ve gotten enough loot to come back and sell, I’m planning on stockpiling A LOT of Tritium for a long term expedition to…somewhere. I’m not sure. I want to hit Elite in exploration. Installing a Universal Cartographic module in Columbia would help that all happen faster and much safer. The carrier can only jump 500ly at once so it’ll likely be several jumps before I’m far enough out to start finding things that haven’t already been discovered. I want my name on shit that hasn’t been seen before.

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Mission Log 61

Big updates. Both in game…and here!

Conveyor getting the goods

Fleet Carriers are live in the game, mining is still a big money maker, and I’ve had a bunch of changes since the last time I updated the blog.

There’s so much here I’m not even sure where to begin. I’ve updated the about page with a new PC set up and I redid my ships of the line to be a little cleaner. There have been a bunch of changes in my life lately and with all the bologna in the world, I’m feeling like I need an outlet or something. Just something to make and put into the world? I’m not sure. But I figured I have this blog…it has a history, why not pick it back up again? But more on that later. I’m still figuring out what I want to do with this space.

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Mission Log 54


Enough time has passed:

More than enough! So, I go through cycles. Long stretches of doing a thing and then long stretches of not doing a thing. So I’m coming out of both an Elite Dangerous lull AND a not blogging lull. I started playing again a couple of weeks before the latest Beyond update and, with the update, I’m feeling like writing stuff down again. I don’t know. It’s weird. And I don’t know how long it’ll last (the writing thing) so let’s take advantage of it, right?!

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Mission Log 53

Money generation has become a slower process since the last update I feel. It’s like they swapped rank and money.

Oh well. I’m still flying a space ship. And it’s still fun as hell. I’ve been doing a mixture of passenger sightseeing tours and wing missions to gain funds for the Corvette fitting and it’s been going pretty good! Since Mission Log 52, I’ve been able to mark off the Power Plant and Thrusters from the list on my Short/Long term goals page. I can probably knock out the smaller upgrades pretty quick and then focus on the last huge one. Armor upgrades are some serious coin.

Part of the added benefit of the sightseeing tours is gaining a Pilot Federation rank of Ranger!

I’ve gotten pretty good at remembering to honk whenever I’m jumping around. I usually only take passenger missions with 2 or less stops and payouts no lower than 2 million.

Wing missions (specifically for deliveries) seem to have been changed quite a but since launch. When they started…I could get 7 million for moving 2-3 thousand tons of cargo. Now I’m seeing 7 thousand tons for 3-4 million. Which sucks because it’s absolutely not worth the time. Over the weekend, though, I happened across a 5600 ton mission with a 10+ million payout. Even better, some Hammer Wing members jumped in and helped out. They picked up around 100 tons between the two of them but it was more about getting the the chance to cash in on 10 million without a lot of work. Here they are delivering the final loads just before I completed the mission

And here’s a random GamerCow that I ran into!

Mission Log 52

I’ve hauled a lot of cargo over the last week. Which is funny because I wasn’t planning on continuing to solo wing delivery missions but it just kept working out that way. With the Progenitor‘s ample cargo, it helps to make short work of a bunch of them. 2-3k ton missions can be done in 4-6 trips and have been paying out around 4-6 million each. It’s a little monotonous, but it’s easy work and has little risk. Saturday night, Valthonis joined me on the tail end of one and we found out that the payout isn’t actually split between the commanders. Each gets a full share of whatever reward they select.

Tried to do the same with Gamercow last night but we ran afoul a disconnect glitch and then I had to bail. Stuck him with a 900k fine that I didn’t think he’d get. Feel a little bad about that.

Here he is coming back home after a long journey out.

Progress on upgrading Progenitor is slow going. It’s just going to take a LOT of money. I retooled my Short Term Goals page to reflect a little better about what all it’s going to take. I also have a coriolis build saved that details how I want it to look when done. 700+ million total. Next purchase is the Power Plant. I was going to go ahead and do thrusters first, but the power plant is the most expensive upgrade next to the hull armor. And since I was ready to do thrusters, I’m already half way there.

I picked up a planetary scan job just for a break in the monotony of delivering goods. Landing a corvette is a little butt clenching. But the SRV never gets stuck….so that’s awesome.

I also learned about Elite’s high res screenshot feature. It takes a 90+ MB bmp file of whatever is on the screen at the time. It’s nuts. I’ve started an imgur gallery to host those cause my space on the free wordpress account would fill up fast if I kept them here.

https://imgur.com/a/3FqAc <- Gallery