Mission Log 60

I’m coming out of a Elite lull. Having only played a half a dozen times over the past couple of months, I didn’t really have many updates to make but after hitting a milestone yesterday, I realized that I played nearly 10 hours over last week. February and March saw me playing a few new things, going back to some old favorites, but nothing really latched and took up my time.

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Mission Log 59

Housekeeping first! I’ve decided to let the cmdrmatt.space domain lapse. Chances are you’re getting to here from a direct link to the post on social media which I have to use because the site’s not hosted anywhere to actually take advantage of the domain. So I’m basically just paying to have a URL to redirect that never actually gets used. Also, the renewal comes at a time where I’m trying to cut back on frivolous spending…so there it is. It’s been cool to have over the last few years but it is what it is.

Now….on with the show.

I have only 2 modules left to engineer and finish the Keranos.

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Mission Log 54


Enough time has passed:

More than enough! So, I go through cycles. Long stretches of doing a thing and then long stretches of not doing a thing. So I’m coming out of both an Elite Dangerous lull AND a not blogging lull. I started playing again a couple of weeks before the latest Beyond update and, with the update, I’m feeling like writing stuff down again. I don’t know. It’s weird. And I don’t know how long it’ll last (the writing thing) so let’s take advantage of it, right?!

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