Playlist 12/14/15

Here’s what my jam last week was. Star Wars Battlefront (PS4) Fallout 4 (PS4) Star Citizen (PC) Space Engineers (PC) Vacation week is over! It was a really great week. I’m off this Thursday and Friday though. I finally got the hang of dog fighting in Battlefront and started actually placing in the top 3 … More Playlist 12/14/15

Playlist 12/7/2015

Here’s what I played last week: Artemis: Spaceship Bridge Simulator (PC) Elite: Dangerous (PC) Star Wars: Battlefront (PS4) Rocket League (PS4)   Gauntlet is free for PS Plus members this month. So if you have a PS4 and a membership, pick it up and add me! We’ll do some dungeoning and shoot the food together. … More Playlist 12/7/2015

Mission Log 10

Hey it’s my 10th mission log! Spent some time in the cockpit last night collecting bounties. Didn’t make a whole bunch of money. I’m thinking of heading back to where I started. I earned good money in the Freng system. I’m not sure where I am anymore….