Mission Log 43

Hammer Wing was in full effect last night!

I ended up turning a small profit from an evening of bounty hunting and missions. I was able to complete 7 missions that paid out around 7-9 million in total. Minus some donation missions and minus having to rebuy Untold Fortune…I eeked out a net gain. Inara shows some of the picture at this point but it won’t have the rest of it till I log in again. I need to make a habit of exiting to the main menu and logging back in just to trigger that update. It doesn’t seem to update credit balances on the fly like it does the flight and mission logs.

I figured out a way to get the ship’s module configuration loaded onto Inara without having to enter in each thing manually. I did it for Nothing Gained. I’m thinking there’s something I’m missing in the EDMC setup. To get the data there, I had to tell EDMC to export ship info to a folder. This gives me a txt file that I can copy and paste into Coriolis.io. From there, I can copy and paste and export to Inara.

Seems like that could easily done the same way other stuff gets sent to Inara. I have to be missing something here…

Bounty hunting went pretty well (except for that part where I went out on my own and died). But once we were all together things changed. On the deck where Valthonis, Morluindil, Linefreeze, and Thorby. I managed to pull another wanted status for firing on a wanted ship…that ate up 9 minutes of my life but once I was back in, it was business as usual. I actually took Untold Fortune out for combat last night instead of the Fer-de-Lance. Refit for battle was simple enough; empty all but a high class shield generator from the optional internals. I also swapped the two large, gimbaled multi-cannons for turrets. I’ve never used turrets before. It seemed to go okay. I know on paper they’re weaker, but in a ship that’s not as maneuverable, I think I’m able to do the same amount of damage with the larger firing arc. I’m going to read up some more on using turrets, I think. Just to make sure they’re working like I think they’re working.

Thorby was in the pilot seat once again and we had a photo-shoot! I’m the one on top…

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And here’s a picture of Valthonis’s bright ass:

starlight, star bright, first moon I see tonight...

Mission Log 42

I got EDMC set up yesterday and hooked it up to https://inara.cz/inara-api/. Basically what this does is it uses your Frontier credentials to pull data off of Frontier’s servers and port it over to your Inara profile to help you track and share stats. Here’s some specific examples:

Credits: This updated the first time I logged in and EDMC polled my info. I’m thinking this only runs at login as my credit balance did change throughout the course of the session but Inara only shows one entry. To help simplify things, I removed any manually entered values up to that point.

Mission Log: I really like this one. That’s a list of each mission I completed last night before joining up with Hammer Wing for some bounty hunting.

Flight Log: This shows you everywhere I went  in last night’s session. You can see I ended up in NGALIBA. That’s where we took our new players to get some coin to upgrade FSDs to make the gap between the staring system and Olivas.

So this is going to make it super easy to remember everything I did in a session! And it’ll be cool to track credit progress.

I have a lot of money.


Hammer Wing got into a RES last night and tore it up. Valthonis, Morluindil, Linefreeze (not in the screenshot yet), and myself teamed up to do some bounty hunting and raise some upgrade funds for Morluindil and Linefreeze who are new to the game. I had to end the session before we were able to really get into it but not before some shenanigans happened.

Morluindil and I were the first to the RES and started taking fools down. I was in Nothing Gained and Morluindil was in the starting Sidewinder. So I took lead instructing him to just tag them after I opened up and fall back while I finished them off. Sidewinder is squishy for a new pilot! I didn’t want to risk it. We got through a couple of wanted ships when I targeted an Imperial Courier. Morluindil reported that he was in position so I started my scan. In the middle of the scan, the Courier turned purple. Meaning he was engaged with a wing mate. I immediately opened up for fear of him turning on the greenhorn and managed to catch a wanted status because the scan wasn’t up. That seems to have turned the local security force on him and Valthonis, who had just gotten to the extraction site. I bugged out as soon as the Courier was down not thinking my status would affect my wing mates. But as I jumping, they started reporting that they were taking fire from the cops. So that sucks. Neither made it out. So the new pilots learned 2 lessons that night:

  • Wait for the lead to call weapons free before engaging
  • Dock at a station before going hunting
    • Morlundil and Valthonis had to travel back to the system from their respawn 2 jumps away.

That was the point I had to log off for the night. But the other three where soon joined by Gamercow and I hear they cleaned up. Nice work, nuggets!

Got any tips for new players? Leave them in the comments.

I have to do better – The state of things

So it’s a new year (almost) and there are some things I want to restart. Chief among them, this blog.

I kind of got out of updating here in favor of streaming. And then I got affiliated on twitch. Which is amazing! And I’m super proud of how fast we were able to pull it off. But I got to thinking. And, true or not, I’m worried about any income from twitch screwing up my tax return.

That might be stupid…it probably is. For one, I’m assuming that I’d even make income from twitch…but the possibility of it being a headache around tax time is enough to turn me off of it.

If I’d given it more time, I probably wouldn’t have signed up for the affiliate program. I was just so excited to get it, I dived right in.

I haven’t streamed since then. The whole tax thing was a big factor in me not streaming, but also I just stopped being able to play a lot over the past few months for family reasons. And I don’t mean that I’m upset about that or anything…I only mean that I needed to spend time where I was needed. And I was happy to be there for the people that needed me. Long story, short: we had an unexpected loss.

After the first of the year, I might contact twitch and ask them to take me out of the affiliate program. Because when I think about it, I’d never get streaming revenue to a point that would supplement my income to the level we’re used to now. And that’s okay. I like my day job. Also, streaming full time is hard. The few weeks where I did it all day were exhausting. I don’t know how full time streamers do it. Regardless, it really only started out as a hobby. I think I should have kept it that way all along.

So that’s the state of things. Now let’s talk about what I need to do better.

For starters, I need to update this blog more. I also need to update on more than just Elite Dangerous. I will always love this game and I’ll always come back to it. I think this last break was probably one of the longest. I managed to not get hooked during the last big update like I normally do. At this point, there’s nothing with the Thargoids that interests me. That might change some day. But at this point, moving back into a arc where I feel like I’ll be playing Elite a bit more regularly, I’m content with continuing the grind for money and rank. I hit Lieutenant today. And I’ve got my bank roll up over 270 million. More than enough to buy the stock Corvette and give it some teeth. I also have a couple of friends that picked up the game over the steam winter sale. So that’s a strong motivator to get back into regular play too. I love helping new players figure the game out for themselves. A lot of this game is stuff you’d have a hard time figuring out on your own. And sometimes they figure out it’s not for them and that’s okay.

Something else that I’ve started doing this year since my last update is I’ve taken up Star Trek Adventures. It’s a bit of a curve for me coming from traditional d20 systems but we have an amazing GM and an amazing group of players, all of which are from the Hammer Gaming guild. As an aside, getting involved with that guild is probably one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. They are all just the best.

On the 31st, my local group is getting together to roll up Starfinder characters. To say I’m excited about that is an understatement. I’m really hoping we’re able to get the group together on the regular. I loved/love Pathfinder. It was one of the first systems I started playing tabletop RPGs on.

So that’s where I am and what’s been going on.

I hope you had an amazing Holiday and it was full of joy! I wish you all the prosperity in the coming new year and hope that you’ll join me in another year of fun space shit.

What you get for Christmas? Let me know in the comments!