Mission Log 27

It’s been mostly hunting and cashing in bounties. But even though I’m staying in the same system and only venturing out when I have to cash in for Alliance bounties, it doesn’t mean I’m stuck in monotony. I mean look at this view every time I pull into an RES.


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Mission Log 26

Peaks and valleys.

In both game and life.

In life, it’s getting a HOTAS from Amazon, paying extra for a next day delivery only for the next day to pass and never see FedEx update past label creation. That’s the valley. The peak is the bitchin new monitor, you didn’t pay extra shipping for and expected in 10 days, shows up the day after.

Amazon refunded the shipping charge and it should be here today so it’s not terrible. I was just looking forward to having it over the weekend. 100% first world problems. And now I feel a little ashamed.

In the game the valley is losing a bunch of unclaimed bounties and an extra half a million to replace my ship for a death that shouldn’t have happened. Hammer Wing was out Sunday and we were filling space with the debris of our enemies. CMDRs Thorby and Gamercow were with me and we were bringing the thump. Thorby took off for dinner but Gamercow and I hung around. We mowed down all the small fish but cam up against an Imperial Clipper that was way strong than it should have been. It managed to kill my power distributor and/or power plant because I was suddenly over drawn on power consumption and adrift as I watch my bull tick down to zero before I could even hit the sys panel to reset.

Gamercow managed to finish him off as I was respawning. But as I was jumping back into the RES, he was taken out by another CMDR that appeared to be griefing. I turned and bolted just as I started taking shots to the back. He was running silent cause there was nothing on my scopes except spent heat sinks.

So we switched to the normal RES. There we have our peak. String after string of kills. A couple in wings of 2 or 3 that were no match for us. Until…and this is where we really peak…we run into a wing of 5. 4 Imperial Clippers the same ship that killed me earlier and nearly took out GamerCow. But they were escorting a Fer-de-Lance. Which has a notoriously high pay out. We stalked the Fer-de-Lance, knowing if we just up and attacked, we wouldn’t be able to survive against a sustained attack from 4 clippers even if they went 2 on 1. Local security forces were in the area but they basically stayed away from the group. But not for long. We kept following the Fer-de-Lance and finally, it started attracting the wrong attention and began taking fire. Gamercow and I parked ourselves around a half a click away and watched it’s hull read out. Anyone snooping on comms traffic that day would have heard this, “When it hits 27, open fire, kill it, then drive it like you stole it.”

And that’s what we did. The second the Fer-de-Lance reported 0% we threw all power to the engines and screamed out the belt. I lose around a 3rd of my shields before clearing mass lock. The avenging Clippers did not pursue.

Back to home base to cash in. Ended the night well above targets. Good flying, Gamercow!

UPDATE: HOTAS IS HERE AND MAN ALIVE IT’S NICE! Spent the past couple of nights working on key mappings. Need to get Voice Attack reconfigured as well. Oh right…I use voice attack now! You can see what that’s like here!


Mission Log 25

Oh man it’s been for flipping ever since I posted an update. I’m sorry, guys. Work has just been crazy and lately when I’ve gotten home, all I’ve cared about doing is a whole lot of nothing.

Oh I’m playing, no doubt…but writing up logs is just over the edge of stuff that doesn’t sound appealing…

I’m going to try and do better. I promise.

I’ve actually accomplished a good bit over the past few weeks. I’ve upgraded the Asp’s thrusters and shield generator. These help me make more money because I can stay out in the RES longer through dodging shots and absorbing more.

I also ranked up in the Federal Navy! I’m a recruit! Many thanks to Thorby (member of the Hammer Wing) for helping out with the ranking mission! Long term goal is to someday own a Federal Corvette. We’re talking WAY long term as the money for it alone is bananas. On top of that you have to be a Rear Admiral. It’s gone be a while.

Ranking works like this:
Next to your Rep with a faction is a ranking percentage. You complete Bulletin Board missions for the Federation to increase that percentage. When it gets to 100% you’ll see Federal Navy missions. Complete one of those and you’ll rank up.

Short term goals are (since it’s been a while since I’ve set any) build up a nest egg of 10-15 million bounty hunting and then start grinding away at ranking up. To keep me from burning out, I’ll intersperse bounty hunting here and there.

I still want to stay close to LHS 3505 as that’s Hammer Wing’s base of operations. I’d really love some mechanism in place that lets me access a ship saved somewhere else so I could play with everyone else no matter where my main craft is or what I’m in the middle of. Otherwise it makes impromptu gaming together pretty difficult. We’ve had some other Hammers start flying farther and farther out. But they always find their ways home.


Fly safe, CMDRs!