Mission Log 27

It’s been mostly hunting and cashing in bounties. But even though I’m staying in the same system and only venturing out when I have to cash in for Alliance bounties, it doesn’t mean I’m stuck in monotony. I mean look at this view every time I pull into an RES. Advertisements

Mission Log 26

Peaks and valleys. In both game and life. In life, it’s getting a HOTAS from Amazon, paying extra for a next day delivery only for the next day to pass and never see FedEx update past label creation. That’s the valley. The peak is the bitchin new monitor, you didn’t pay extra shipping for and … More Mission Log 26

Mission Log 25

Oh man it’s been for flipping ever since I posted an update. I’m sorry, guys. Work has just been crazy and lately when I’ve gotten home, all I’ve cared about doing is a whole lot of nothing. Oh I’m playing, no doubt…but writing up logs is just over the edge of stuff that doesn’t sound … More Mission Log 25