Playlist 11/30/15

Here’s what I played last week! Elite: Dangerous Space Engineers Star Citizen   That’s right. I now have Star Citizen. I picked up one of the discounted starter packages sold for the release anniversary.  I wasn’t able to get a lot of play time on it. I’m still working through the basic tutorial. Having a … More Playlist 11/30/15

Mission log 9

Took a break from my Space Engineers debacle to get some flight time in Elite last night. The first hour was pretty low key. I flew my Type-6 around some star systems earning 10-20k for delivering some stuff. The biggest payoff of the night was 120k for smuggling some illegal stuff to a station. I … More Mission log 9

Engineering Log 1

HEY LOOK IT’S A FIRST! This is the first entry for the game Space Engineers. Now here’s the thing, I’ve played SE for a good while now. Since before I got my current PC. Back when it first came out my laptop could handle it more or less. As the devs added more and more … More Engineering Log 1

Playlist: 11/23/15

It’s the first Playlist post!!! I’m going to make this a weekly thing. Just a retrospective of what I’ve played over the past week. Will it be a perfect list? Probably not. I have a shit memory. But I’m making it a weekly reminder in my phone so I KNOW I’ll be updating regularly because … More Playlist: 11/23/15

Course Correction

So the blog has been quiet lately, and it’s not because I’ve been too lazy to update (though there is a mission log I’ve neglected to post :p). It’s mostly because I’ve been playing other stuff. And that got me thinking… I mean…I don’t want to lost the 5’s of 10’s of amazing people that … More Course Correction

Mission Log 8

What a day yesterday was! Granted, it could have been more. I was lazy and got stuck watching a movie. No one was forcing me…and it was a movie I’d already seen before….It’s just one of those things where you’re like, “I have to finish this even though I don’t want to.” I’m not even … More Mission Log 8

Mission Log 7

I have altered the deal… First, here’s what’s up. I was able to do some bounty hunting over the last week. Not a ton, but enough to get me up over 2 mil. I forgot to get the exact dollar amount so I haven’t updated the thermometer yet. But being where I am now, I … More Mission Log 7