Mission Log 29

It’s been a piece of time since my last Mission Log. I took a good sized break from Elite. Looking at my screenshot time stamps, there’s a gap from September till mid December. But I’ve been back at it for a couple of weeks and some things have been rekindled. So we’ll see if I … More Mission Log 29

Mission Log 27

It’s been mostly hunting and cashing in bounties. But even though I’m staying in the same system and only venturing out when I have to cash in for Alliance bounties, it doesn’t mean I’m stuck in monotony. I mean look at this view every time I pull into an RES.

Mission Log 24

Greetings, Starfighter! The last couple of weeks have been pretty slow progress for me as far as getting the Asp upgraded to be the Apex Predator it can be. Between work and being sick, I haven’t gotten a lot of time in the black. But last night afforded me the opportunity to make some cash. … More Mission Log 24

Playlist 01/18/2016

Greetings, Starfighter! Here’s what I played over the past week. Homeworld 2 (PC) Star Wars: Battlefront (PS4) It’s been a busy week at work and it doesn’t look like it’s going to let up soon. That may not affect gaming when I’m off, but it sure wipes out my focus to type stuff up… Case … More Playlist 01/18/2016