Playlist 3/26/2018

Hey, guys! I was out of town on business last week (big reason why there wasn’t a playlist last week) but I still managed to play a little bit while away and over the weekend! Here’s what I did: Fortnight (iOS and PC) Sea of Thieves (PC) Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch) … More Playlist 3/26/2018

Mission Log 52

I’ve hauled a lot of cargo over the last week. Which is funny because I wasn’t planning on continuing to solo wing delivery missions but it just kept working out that way. With the Progenitor‘s ample cargo, it helps to make short work of a bunch of them. 2-3k ton missions can be done in … More Mission Log 52

Mission Log 45.5

I didn’t get any flying time yesterday but I was at least able to go pull the text files that EDMC creates for ship configurations and get Inara updated with how all my ships are configured. Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained Untold Fortune The Star Blaster When I’m able to get back in the chair, I’m … More Mission Log 45.5

Mission Log 29

It’s been a piece of time since my last Mission Log. I took a good sized break from Elite. Looking at my screenshot time stamps, there’s a gap from September till mid December. But I’ve been back at it for a couple of weeks and some things have been rekindled. So we’ll see if I … More Mission Log 29