Playlist 08/29/2016

Overwatch (PC) Elite Dangerous (PC) Dipped my toe back into Elite a little last night to participate in a CG that I ended up missing because it finished this morning before I could deliver my cargo. Such is life. Some friends are suggesting I get WoW. I’ve never had an MMORPG keep me for more … More Playlist 08/29/2016

No Man’s Patch

I’ve been loving No Man’s Sky over the past week. It’s like it was built for me. If you look at the subreddit or other various community places, though, you get a very different reaction. It seems a love or hate thing. Some people feel lied to about what kind of game they were getting. … More No Man’s Patch

Playlist 8/15/2016

No Man’s Sky (PS4) Elite Dangerous (PC) I’ve put a lot of hours into No Man’s Sky this week. Taking off work to really spend some time with it was a great idea. I go back tomorrow but I feel good about my staycation. It was really nice to just chill and unwind with what turned out … More Playlist 8/15/2016

No Man’s Blog

Quick little update whist I get ready to stream some more! It’s hitting all the right notes for me, guys. There have been a lot of back and forth on love it or hate it online. But at this point I’m in love. I think it’s well worth the price of admission because I anticipate … More No Man’s Blog

Mission Log 28

There was a community goal. A station named Jaques needed supplied desperately. I come out of a looooooong hiatus of Elite and decide to go for it. Joined it when it was nearly over. Jaques is unfathomably far from the bubble. Most everyone that took this journey was flying for 20s of hours to make … More Mission Log 28