Playlist 08/29/2016

  • Overwatch (PC)
  • Elite Dangerous (PC)

Dipped my toe back into Elite a little last night to participate in a CG that I ended up missing because it finished this morning before I could deliver my cargo.

Such is life.

Some friends are suggesting I get WoW. I’ve never had an MMORPG keep me for more than a week but someone made the point that it’s different with a group. And I’ve never really played one with a group. So maybe it’d be different? I don’t know. I’m noodling on it.

Are you getting back into WoW for Legion? Let me know in the comments. AND TELL ME WHAT ELSE YOU’RE PLAYING!

Playlist 08/22/2016

  • No Man’s Sky (PS4)

I’m back at work and this past week was a bit busy! Also, I so colossally hogged the TV the week before, I didn’t want to take it more after getting off work. I do have Remote Play on my PC so I might put some more time in No Man’s Sky if the PS4 is otherwise free.

I’ve really been on a Star Trek kick too. I’ve torn through some DS9 the past few days and I’m thinking of hitting TNG after. Then Enterprise. I liked Enterprise. Come at me, bros.

What are you playing?

No Man’s Patch

I’ve been loving No Man’s Sky over the past week. It’s like it was built for me.

If you look at the subreddit or other various community places, though, you get a very different reaction. It seems a love or hate thing. Some people feel lied to about what kind of game they were getting. I think that’s kind of silly. Unless you didn’t pay attention to anything the developers showed or spoke about, I don’t understand where some of those preconceived notions came from.

In any regard, I don’t feel lied to. I think it’s an amazing game that’s well worth the $60. I’ve already gotten more play time out of this game that some others with the same price point. Everything from here out is just gravy. Sweet, sweet gravy. And biscuits.

That said, of course there’s some stuff I’d like to see fixed/tweaked. Apparently there’s already a patch in test for frame rate drops. PC users can already try it out through Steam.

I’m not sure what all will be in that new build, but here are some things I’d like to see fixed or done differently.


  • Launching sends you into space
    • 0 to 60 in .5 seconds
  • Bigger hit box or fix hit box on plants
    • There have been a bunch of times where I’ve had to back away and reorient myself so the icon to mine something like Zinc appears
  • Frame rate drops
    • Obvi
  • PS4 application crash frequency
    • This doesn’t happen a ton but it’s more than most any other game on the PS4 I’ve played. I can’t recreate it but it seems like it’s more apt to happen when warping to a new system
  • Online Services Not Available
    • not 100% sure if I’m missing something by this rarely being connected…but it’s red and I don’t like that.

I haven’t run into a bunch of legit bugs.


  • Translate and rotate on all axes in ship
    • I want a response more like Elite for the ship. I want to be able to precision land and hover around something
  • Mine pillars from the ship
    • Big ole blob of Heridium sticking out of the ground that I can shoot from the ship.
  • More variety in blueprints
    • This would basically be new content…I’ve think I’ve already unlocked all the potential upgrades and components available.
  • Automatic recharge
    • I’d love to see the boltcaster (and anything that requires power) go ahead and recharge itself when it runs out. Especially when I have 4 sentinels on me.
  • Sentinels don’t attack when you’re in interactions
    • So if I’m considering swapping ships with a crashed on I’ve found or I’m pondering the correct answer at a monolith, don’t hassle me bro. Messing around in my inventory? Sure. Come at me.
  • Dismiss way-points
    • After a couple of hours on a planet you accumulate a good number of way-points. Only way to get rid of them is to visit. I’d like to be able to deactivate some and then switch them back on when I’m ready to do new stuff. This is especially beneficial if you decide to hit up a new planet.
  • Large cargo ships need to be a little more forgiving
    • I’m all about increasing my standing and taking out pirates. But if I’m coming up on one that’s between me and the cargo ship, just one bolt gone awry makes me a pirate.

What are some things you’d like to see change?

Playlist 8/15/2016

  • No Man’s Sky (PS4)
  • Elite Dangerous (PC)

I’ve put a lot of hours into No Man’s Sky this week. Taking off work to really spend some time with it was a great idea. I go back tomorrow but I feel good about my staycation. It was really nice to just chill and unwind with what turned out to be a pretty fulfilling game.

A very Happy Birthday to Hammer Wing Commander, Valthonis! Head on over to twitter and wish him a good one. You’d be hard pressed to find someone as awesome as he is. Great guy.

What are you playing? Let me know in the comments.

Journey Milestone Accomplished

Before we get into where I am in the game I want to take a astrosecond to answer the most commonly asked question I get about no Man’s Sky: “Should I buy it?”

I’ve never really felt comfortable recommending games. Chiefly because if they spend their money on it and don’t like it, I’d feel responsible. I supposed that’s part of the reason I’ve never really done “reviews” of a game on here, rather than just talk about my experience.

I think Sean Murray summed up his own game perfectly.

“It’s a niche game and it’s a very very chill game.”

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No Man’s Blog

Quick little update whist I get ready to stream some more!

It’s hitting all the right notes for me, guys. There have been a lot of back and forth on love it or hate it online. But at this point I’m in love. I think it’s well worth the price of admission because I anticipate many hours of fun out of this.


I streamed the first 2 sessions on twitch. I’m exporting them to youtube so I don’t lose them. Planning on streaming some more today!


Above is my current ship. I had forgotten that I got a code for the pre-order and swapped out my starting ship for this one. They’re really only different in look. But I like the look of it.

All in all I’m really pleased with the game. I’ll try and write up a more detailed overlook this weekend when maybe I’m not flying through space.

Check out if you’ve got time to stop by! Say hey and I’ll name something after you!

Fly safe guys!

Mission Log 28

There was a community goal. A station named Jaques needed supplied desperately. I come out of a looooooong hiatus of Elite and decide to go for it. Joined it when it was nearly over. Jaques is unfathomably far from the bubble. Most everyone that took this journey was flying for 20s of hours to make it. Often losing cargo along the way from all the natural hazards of space. I flew for 2 hours straight. Honk, scoop, and high wake to the next system. I got 1000 light years away from the bubble. It was the furthest I’d ever been from civilization. I called it a night. I suspected I wouldn’t make it there before the goal was met. I was right. In the middle of the night, it ended. I wasn’t even a quarter of the way there.


The scale of this game just astonishes me. Probably rivaled only by No Man’s Sky…which I just started playing today. I haven’t gotten the chance to really experience but two systems in No Man’s Sky but man…I expect it to be massive.

So I turned around. I wasn’t outfitted to make a journey like that. It’s very likely if I’d kept going I would have only gotten maybe have way before getting myself blown up. I’ve made my way to a system in the bubble that had a community goal for turning in bounties. But I doubt I’ll be getting back to Elite before it’s over. I may see if I can jump on there just long enough to turn in what I’ve collected.

Until then, here are some screens!


Playlist 8/8/2016

  • RimWorld (PC)
  • Elite Dangerous (PC)
  • Pokemon Omega Ruby (3DS)
  • Pokemon Go (iOS)
  • Overwatch (PC)

A lot of different stuff this past week. But I tell you what. You only gonnaa see one game next week. NO MAN’S SKY ON TUESDAY, BABY!

Holy Jeez. It’s happening.

I’m taking the week off to name all the planets. I’m also going to be streaming this thing as much as possible. So come on by and check it out!

What are you playing?

Survival Diary 1

RimWorld may not be exactly like most space games that fall into my wheelhouse, but it’s a pace game nonetheless! So here we go!

RimWorld is a survival game. It has some strong resemblances to Prison Architect, if you’re ever played that, but the key difference is the importance on gathering resources. Everything requires something to make something. Steel, wood, cloth, components…the list goes on.

It’s been around for a while and it’s been over a year since I played it. It was still in alpha then and it felt pretty deep already. Now it’s on Steam and while it’s till in Early Access, it’s only grown. This game has layers upon layers now.

The colonists generally work independently. You set jobs to do around the settlement and they tend to them. You can set priority and who does what in the work panel.

Here we can see that one of them doesn’t mine. Which is BS. Lazy bum.


There are a few different scenarios you can play but the only one I’ve really tried is where 3 crew members crash and have to survive.


You start with three. But obviously you add people as you go along as the screenshot shows. I apparently wasn’t thoughtful enough to document the beginning…except for this one!


Everything is procedural generated including the people you start with. You can name your starting three but you can’t really change their stats or what they’re good at doing. Once you start, the game does try to help you along in learning to play. There’s a ton of things to learn. The core of it is, build what you need to survive.

You can see in the screen that I’m a good ways along. I’ve carved out shelter out of a mountain. This takes a little longer but it’s much more secure. It allows you to funnel enemies into close quarters where you’ll hopefully have a numbers advantage. Let’s look at more screens!!


Here’s a wider shot of the habitat. It’s a bit dirty. We had just fought off a big animal that didn’t like it when we tried to hunt it. The grey squares to the left are where I’be instructed the colonists to mine. The blue array outside are solar panels which run to a bank of 4 batteries (the yellow bars).

One of the changes between when I first played and this version is the addition of temperature and how it affect things. Things don’t grow in the winter, naturally. But it also get’s cold inside which can cause hypothermia.


I was lucky to pick a spot that was generated in a temperate climate. But the winter in this spot get’s pretty cold. In the first screenshot you can see ground is white. That’s from the snow.

With all the other changes one of the most difficult/dangerous ones is health of the colonists. Injuries can now become infected. And without medicine to treat the infection, permanent damage can happen. Check out this screen where one of them got their leg torn off.


I was lucky enough to have enough medicine on hand in order to install a peg leg. So Brian is able to hobble around still. No matter what game I’m playing, I can’t seem to kill that guy. Huh….


Here’s the settlement at the time of this post. I’m hoping to mine further into the mountain. You can see the planned grid up at the top. That’ll be individual quarters for the colonists. The enclosures to the right are growing rooms. They let me grow food year round. The big grey square to the right of the grow houses is a thermal power generator. Those come in handy for eclipses. You can also see another bank of 4 batteries to the left.  Those are connected to the main power line with a switch. Reason being is I’ve been burned too many times by shortages in the line. They start a fire and discharge any battery on that line. I kept finding myself without power and it being 3 degrees outside. Then I’d have to be a power miser while they recharged over the next couple of days.