My Ships of the Line

Nothing Ventured

Nothing Ventured was the original workhorse of the fleet. She was responsible for all the credits earned for the purchase of Nothing Gained. She’s currently resting comfortably as Untold Fortune serves her former role. After some time, she’ll be refit for exploration and spend her twilight years discovering the hidden beauty of the galaxy.

Nothing Gained

Nothing Gained is the crown jewel of the fleet. She’s sleek, she’s swift, she’s deadly. The original goal of setting out to the black was to become a good enough pilot to handle this beast of a ship. Now that it has happened, the goal has shifted to making Nothing Gained a house hold name.

Untold Fortune

The Untold Fortune serves as the fleet’s current workhorse and tank. She’s built solid and can be re-fit to serve multiple requirements. She’s handy to have in a bounty hunting sortie and can haul over 200 tons of spoils when you’re done.

The Star Blaster

The Star Blaster was named after another beloved spacecraft from long ago. Today she ferries people from all walks of life across the galaxy.

You can charter her for a brief round trip excursion to nearby tourist attractions (max distance: ~200ly) or set your destination and arrive in style.

The Star Blaster’s passenger cabins are second to none in luxury and affordability.  

Mission detours and regular requests for commodities after the ship has left dock will likely be declined. Transportation of wanted passengers my be denied. Exceedingly annoying passengers may be spaced without warning.


Progenitor cannot be described.

Mistakes Were Made

Space is hard. Sometimes you need help. Maybe your forgot to equip a fuel scoop. Or maybe you were pulled out of supercruise and had your drives taken out. Whatever happened, you’re not alone in the black. There’s help just around the corner.

Mistakes Were Made is the second vessel (alongside Hammer Mercy) commissioned for The Avenging Hammers – 113th Spaceflight Wing whose sole purpose is search and rescue. Any pilot, regardless of affiliation or allegiance, can call on her to lend a hand.

Mistakes Were Made was built as a multi-purpose S&R vehicle equipped with both Fuel and Repair Limpet Controllers. With a large fuel scoop and room for 16 limpets, she has the range to go anywhere and the capacity to services multiple ships before needing to return and replenish.

Duane’s Bane

You might ask yourself, “Why troll Duane like this?”

He knows why.