Mission Log 32

This weekend saw a good bit of flight time despite being pretty cold in the basement.

My new goal is a Federal Corvette. I’ll need 2 things for a Federal Corvette. A rank of Rear Admiral and a crap ton of money.

I abandoned that 17k light-year mission. Nuts too that. It’s just too boring doing long runs like that. So I self-destructed. I’d never done that before. It was pretty cool.

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Mission Log 30

Happy New Year!

First post of the new year!

I’m finding myself at a point in time where I have too much I want to accomplish. I want to start checking into the Engineers stuff but I also want to try my hand at rare trading. A guild mate pointed to me to this handy worksheet┬áto layout rare trading. I figured with my bank account a little light from buying the Fer-de-Lance, I’d try the rares first.

I re-kit my Asp for cargo. Managed to squeeze 116 tons of capacity in there after downgrading some other components.

I’d gotten to Stop 5 in Uszaa before I stopped. I saw some cool stuff along the way.

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