Mission Log 13

Hello, CMDRs!

It was all peaks and valleys this weekend. The snow in Nashville afforded me with much play time and Friday was just the worst for me. I died so many times…dropped below a million..but I rebounded! I also spent a good chunk of money on modules for my Viper. Which has made a pretty big difference.



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Playlist 01/18/2016

Greetings, Starfighter!

Here’s what I played over the past week.

  • Homeworld 2 (PC)
  • Star Wars: Battlefront (PS4)

It’s been a busy week at work and it doesn’t look like it’s going to let up soon. That may not affect gaming when I’m off, but it sure wipes out my focus to type stuff up…

Case in point, there’s a Homeworld post I owe you guys from last Friday. I’ll try to get to it soon. I don’t want this to turn into every other blog where I go from posting regularly to once a month…to never…

At the very least, I’ll have my weekly update…but I want it to be more.

What are you playing?! Doesn’t have to be space related!

Fleet Intelligence Report 1

I got some time yesterday to head on down to the basement and fired up the PC. After about 30 minutes of updates (it’d been a while since it’d been on) I was ready to play something and I loaded up Homeworld 2!

Tiniest problem, though:


The models weren’t rendering right! THIS IS THE REMASTERED EDITION!!

Turns out, the game doesn’t like overlays. So I had to turn off AMD’s Gaming Evolved app overlay and that fixed it. A big thanks to Hammer Gaming‘s Valthonis for the quick Googling to point me to a post on the developer forums for the fix.

Got the overlay turned off, found out my GPU needed an update… and I was good to go! I have another screen shot showing the better model but I forgot to upload it. I’ll get that tonight. UPDATE: And here it is!


Once I was FINALLY able to get in the game I started with the tutorials. I played Homeworld 2 a bunch back in the day but man alive I totally forgot how it all worked. It’s a real time strategy (RTS) game that’s set in space. So it’s like StarCraft but in 3 dimensions. In it’s time, it was just a beautiful game and I think it holds up, still.

Long weekend coming up. Hoping to get a good bit of gaming in.

A quick update but hey, I need to get something out. Right?

OH YEAH! I know I’ve mentioned them before, but the folks over at Hammer Gaming have a podcast called HammerCast and I highly recommend it. Been listening to their latest episode whilst writing this up and they provide a wide variety of gaming news and insights. Give ’em a try. They’re good folks and in no way paid me to say that.

For real, though, they didn’t.

But I’d totally let them.


Playlist 01/11/2016

Here’s what I played last week! Mel’s been sick so I haven’t gotten a lot of PC time since it’s in the basement and I want to be close in case she needs something…but I still got some gaming in. And a little streaming from the PS4!

  • Star Wars: Battlefront (PS4)
  • Just Cause 3 (PS4)

What are you guys playing?!

Shore Leave’s End and Playlist 1/4/2016

I’m back from vacation! Had a great time in Orlando and on the cruise!

We got into town Christmas night and hit up Disney’s Hollywood Studios where I rose Star Tours for the first time in my life…guys…it was amazing. We spent the whole day after at Universal to take in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. My wife nearly started crying when we walked up to the entrance at Hogsmeade, she was so happy. It was adorable. We has the multi-park pass so we got to spend a lot of time in both areas. Our Christmas to each other was this, so there was a lot of souvenir buying and stuff. It was truly amazing. If you’ve ever wondered if it’s worth the trek and you’re at least a little of a Harry Potter fan, it completely is.

I also got to drink a Flaming Moe while sitting at Moe’s Bar…

Then we got on a cruise ship the day after and stayed on it til yesterday when we disembarked and drove home. I go to work tomorrow. I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten what it is I do.

Hope everyone had a great holiday!


I was away from my PC last week, but here’s what I did manage to play:

  • Super Smash Bros (3DS)
  • Pokemon Omega Red (3DS)
  • Classic Rock Trivia (Cruise Ship)
  • Harry Potter Trivia (Cruise Ship)
  • Bingo (Cruise Ship)
  • Where the hell did I leave my free refill cup this time? (Cruise Ship)