Playlist 1/30/2018

Here’s what I played last week! Elite Dangerous (PC) Overwatch (PC) Rise of the Tomb Raider (PS4) It was a light week of gaming for me (but I still owe you guys a new mission log) because I started putting together my 3D Printer! You can see way more pics of it that are necessary … More Playlist 1/30/2018

Mission Log 48

The weekend and the last couple of days have been quiet in Elite. Over the weekend, I got┬áMistakes Were Made‘s FSD engines engineered by Farseer. I got greedy and rolled more than I should have. Lost a roll with a higher range before I ran out of components. After the next Navy rank, I might … More Mission Log 48

Playlist 01/22/2018

Here’s what I played last week! Elite Dangerous (PC) Overwatch (PC) Rise of the Tomb Raider (PS4) I’ll be taking a couple of nights off from Elite this week to get ready to play our first session of Starfinder. I’ll post more about my character later. Hope you all have an amazing week!   What … More Playlist 01/22/2018

Mission Log 47.5

It’s always nice when you get this message! This was an unexpected surprise to all the money farming I’ve been doing. I always forget that cargo missions also count toward the Pilot’s Federation Trade rank. Now that I’m a tycoon, I’ll be starting up a railroad or some kind of oil business. The only rank … More Mission Log 47.5

Mission Log 47

Past Matt didn’t do his damn post so here I am, Present Matt, fixing that jerk’s mistakes. A lot has happened since 46! Gamercow is home!! The Avenging Hammers flew an honor guard for the last few jumps of his final leg. Here we are hanging out waiting for him at the rendezvous. While he … More Mission Log 47

Playlist 01/15/2018

I had a huge weekend of Elite! The next mission log should post at some point today if past Matt did his job on Sunday (writing this on Saturday to post on Monday). Here’s everything I played last week: Elite Dangerous (PC) Overwatch (PC) Star Trek: Bridge Commander (PC) Oxygen Not Included (PC) Mario Kart … More Playlist 01/15/2018

Mission Log 46

Yesterday saw the completion of Mistakes Were Made, a Diamondback Explorer kitted out to be a search and rescue ship. Now The Avenging Hammers have two S&R ships at their disposal. Here’s her bio: Space is hard. Sometimes you need help. Maybe your forgot to equip a fuel scoop. Or maybe you were pulled out … More Mission Log 46