Mission Log 40

The big four – o.

Last week was just an amazing amount of fun. The vacation stream was a great success and good times were had by all. Thanks so much to everyone that came to hangout and watch me play games while I was off all last week. If you want to some of the fun, you can check out the past broadcasts page on my twitch here: twitch.tv/cmdrnotannpc

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Mission Log 39

Well hello there! It’s been a good while since I’ve updated. While I haven’t played a significant amount of Elite since my last update (over a month ago..sheesh), but there have been some significant happenings. During E3, Thargoids were announced!

There was a live stream component to the announcement with a group of players. A community goal prior to the event was to collect data on the Thargoids. That data was confiscated by authorities. A short while after, a distress call was broadcast. The convey ferrying the data was attacked. The live event centered around figuring out the coordinates of the request for help. And then they found it. It was a massacre. I went out to the site to see if for myself. It was…eerie.

The distress beacon at the end doesn’t broadcast anymore. Or if it does, I’m not sure how to trigger it. In the live event it simple spelled out T-H-A-R-G-O-I-D-S R-E-T-U-R-N.

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