Playlist 07/25/2016

Not much change! Overwatch (PC) Pokemon Go (iOS) Pokemon Omega Ruby (3DS) I finally got to level 25 in Overwatch. The competitive play selection is available now. I’m afraid. So afraid. I’ve heard of some pretty asshat behavior coming out of it. I’m sure I’ll eventually get to it. But I’m in no rush. In … More Playlist 07/25/2016

Playlist 07/18/2016

Here’s what I played last week! Overwatch (PC) Elite Dangerous (PC) Pokemon Go (iOS) Pokemon Omega Ruby (3DS) I hoped into Elite for a hot minute. Enough to just jump a few systems. I wasn’t really feeling bounty hunting. The only current community goal is data on barnacles. And I have no idea where those … More Playlist 07/18/2016


So it’s been a while. Work is no longer totally insane! So now it’s just me being lazy. But I’m going to make a point to post more. There’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to write some stuff up on a weekly basis. Other people, more busy than I, are able to produce and … More Wowza