Doge in Space

A few  weeks ago I was playing Elite and, as I’m oft to to when I’m not streaming, I was watching some other Twitch streamers. As weird as it sounds, I like watching people play Elite, while I’m playing Elite. I like hanging out in the chat and helping answer questions. So I’m sitting there playing and looking for someone to watch…and I come across a dog…playing Elite…and streaming it. And like…entertainingly streaming it. This dog can stream.

And that’s when I started following

This dog is everything I want to be in a streamer. Engaging, entertaining, and just plain fun. He’s built a supportive community and fosters an environment of acceptance.

He’s one of those dogs you just want to hang out with and pet. And watch play Elite.

That’s really the only point for this post. I want to promote this doge. He is a good doge.

The internet needs more people like him. So go check him out! He plays more than Elite and there’s a bunch of clips on his Twitch page that you can check out.

Fly safe, CMDRs.

Mission Log 37

It’s a Birthday mission log! I turn 35 today. It’s been a great day! My wife got me Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2 and my in-laws got me a 8G RX 580! Guys, I love that keyboard. It can do some amazing stuff. Like if you splash down in Kerbal Space Program, the keyboard starts to look like water. I got the green switches so it’s so clacky and wonderful. I love it. And with the new GPU, I’m running 60+ FPS in damn near everything! I’ve updated the About page to reflect my current build. I need to go through my game list. I think it might have changed some.

On to Elite updates!!!

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