The State of my Space

So it’s been a while…

Hey there, I’m Matt. This is my blog. It’s generally about the games I play. The focus is space games, but it’s not totally exclusive to them. I’ve started and stopped doing this blog probably 4-5 times since the first post back in 2015. You can tell because you’d think a 5 year old blog would have more content on it.

With everything going on in the world, I feel like I need an outlet. I’m not sure if this is it, but I have it, it’s here, it has a history, and I mean… I still love games. I still love Elite Dangerous. So why not this? I’m trying to decide if I want to spring for hosting. I’d love more control over how it looks and, more importantly, I’d love to have the adds removed. I’m noodling on it as I’m incredibly cheap. The easiest solution would be to just upgrade my WordPress plan to something other than free…but that’s not the cheapest. The cheapest, however, means I’d have to deal with exporting and importing the blog to the new host. I don’t know. My hesitance is directly tied to my lack of commitment. I’m doing this right now with no real content plan or any idea of the future I want for this space. And that’s not necessarily a requirement or a bad thing… but if I’m going to seriously jump into this enough to shell out money, I feel like there should be some preliminary planning done. Of course, I could just leave it all like it is. The ads (as far as I can tell aren’t super intrusive) and the blog is functional. It doesn’t look terrible (not a designer). I’m just not sure. I just know I feel like doing something again. I’m in a pickle.

Quick Life Update…

I mean it’s been well over a year….shit’s changed! But I’m still married to my amazing wife of (at the time of this post) 16 years. We’ve moved to an amazing community and into an incredible home. We’re super happy here. We’ve lost two of our dogs to old age. Those were pretty hard. But we still have my late mother-in-law’s dog, Susie, and she’s just great. My best friend moved back into town and basically lives down the road. I have a new beast of a computer. I’m dropping weight and suuuuuper close to my first milestone. The reward for said milestone will be a really nice gaming/office chair. Second is a super nice monitor and the final is a VR headset.

What you can expect…

For as long as I’m doing this (again), you can expect posts about the games I’m playing. Like I said, it won’t exclusively be space stuff. I doubt I’ll post much about Call of Duty, but it’s in my rotation. But stuff like American Trucking Simulator is too and, wow, for some reason it’s just grabbed me. I’ll try to keep my Monday playlist posts going so you can see what I’m playing. I love getting responses to those. It’s a great way to get eyes on things that wouldn’t normally be in my radar.

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