Mission Log 34

o7, Commanders! I’m ramping back up Elite time because we’re close to The Commanders update! I’m excited for all the new stuff we’re going to get. I’m hoping folks that I’ve played with in the past get back into it too. In my time away from Elite over the past month or so (what we’ll … More Mission Log 34

Mission Log 32

This weekend saw a good bit of flight time despite being pretty cold in the basement. My new goal is a Federal Corvette. I’ll need 2 things for a Federal Corvette. A rank of Rear Admiral and a crap ton of money. I abandoned that 17k light-year mission. Nuts too that. It’s just too boring … More Mission Log 32

Mission Log 30

Happy New Year! First post of the new year! I’m finding myself at a point in time where I have too much I want to accomplish. I want to start checking into the Engineers stuff but I also want to try my hand at rare trading. A guild mate pointed to me to this handy … More Mission Log 30