Playlist 07/18/2016

Here’s what I played last week!

  • Overwatch (PC)
  • Elite Dangerous (PC)
  • Pokemon Go (iOS)
  • Pokemon Omega Ruby (3DS)

I hoped into Elite for a hot minute. Enough to just jump a few systems. I wasn’t really feeling bounty hunting. The only current community goal is data on barnacles. And I have no idea where those are. I’ve got a bug to go driving around so I dropped a vehicle hanger in my Asp. I need to find a cool place to check out. I’ll also need to map the HOTAS to the rover controls.

Pokemon! Playing Pokemon Go got me wanting to play the real thing so I dusted off my 3DS and just picked up where I left off. Thought about starting over from the beginning but nah.

3 weeks till No Man’s Sky. READY YOURSELVES!

What are you guys playing?

Playlist 5/8/16

Greetings weary travelers!

There’s a handful of people that’ll appreciate that opening…

I got to stop with this month long silence guys. This blog was supposed to be casual and stuff but not that casual!

Here’s what I played last week:

  • Elite Dangerous: Horizons (PC)
  • Overwatch Beta (PC)

Over the past seven days I think I got into maybe…and hour of Elite. Work has been nuts. But I did get a reprieve over this past weekend and as luck would have it, the Overwatch beta was this weekend! Valthonis clued me into it so I downloaded it and I got the chance to meet a bunch of other Hammer gamers that I normally wouldn’t cross paths with since not everyone in the community plays Elite. Overall, I dug Overwatch pretty good. There’s a lot of things it’s doing right. I’m not a huge FPS fan in my old(er) age, but I went ahead and pre-ordered it. There are classes that operate at my speed. There’s a good number of Hammers that’re getting it and it serves as a great “Hey, let’s play something” at random moments type of game. I’m excited for the future of it.

What are you playing?! Did you check out the beta? What did you think?

Playlist 03/28/2016

Here’s what I played last week.

  • Elite Dangerous Horizons (PC)


I have a problem…

The problem is that I don’t have enough time for Elite Dangerous…

Bought Voice Attack over the weekend. I need to do a write up about it.

What are you playing?!

Playlist 03/21/2016

Hello! It’s been a while! Last week was spent trying to fight off a jerk head cold that’s still hanging around in the form of a cough. But I’m feeling better. Between that and work, I didn’t much feel like writing up posts. I still played a teensy bit, though. So here’s what I’ve played over the past 2 weeks:

  • Elite Dangerous: Horizons (PC)
  • Space Engineers (PC)

I ran into an issue with my PC last week and lost a lot of stuff on my storage drive. I was a super weird thing…I was removing apps that I haven’t used in a while and noticed a strange cmd window pop up and a bunch of open applications stopped responding. After a reboot, most of the stuff in my Program Files folder where most of my none OS related things are installed was just…empty.

That includes game saves. I soon then learned that Norton’s Backup and Recovery tool is completely worthless.

So my entire Steam library was wiped out. I went ahead and re-downloaded Elite and Space Engineers. Obvi.

Everything I had built in Space Engineers was lost. Luckily all the Elite stuff (including your joystick mappings THANK GOD) are saved on their servers.

So that’s me. Oh…and Daredevil season 2 is really wanting to eat up a lot of my free time.

What are you playing?

Playlist 03/07/2016

Here’s what I played last week:

  • Elite Dangerous: Horizons (PC)
  • Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition (Tabletop)

Short list this week…and even shorter play times! But that’s okay because building computers is fun!

Most of my free time over the last week as been building a media server to run Plex. When that was done, the rest of my free time and 99% of my CPU power was spent ripping seasons of Parks and Rec that we have on DVD.

The reason for the server is two fold:

  1. Most of what we’re putting on there is available through Netflix or Hulu which eats up our data cap but we have it on DVD too…which leads to reason 2
  2. We’re too lazy to swap discs out so we would stream and eat up our data cap

Now that there’s a good bit on content on the server, I won’t shotgun ripping like I did this weekend. I think The West Wing is a good “next choice” for ripping. But it’ll probably be the Simpsons seasons we have.

Have you built something like this? Share your build and what you did with it!

Never thought about it and want to know more? ASK!

Playlist 02/15/2016

Here’s what I played last week!

  • Elite Dangerous: Horizons (PC)
  • Star Wars Battlefront (PS4)
  • Cities Skylines (PC)
  • The Martian (iOS)
  • Lego Batman 3 (PS4)

I got a good bit of gaming in last week considering how crazy work is going…that might change, but I hope not. Gaming when I get home really helps me unwind and recharge to get back in the office the next day.

Elite’s really the only space game I played over the weekend but I recently finished The Martian on iOS. That’s space related! I’ll get a post up about that some time this week. I also owe you a Mission Log update for Elite regarding my weekend exploits.

Hope you all had a great Valentine’s day and Happy Presidents day!

Fly safe, guys.

Playlist 02/01/2016

Here’s what I played last week!

  • Elite: Dangerous (PC)
  • Tom Clancy’s The Division Beta (PC)
  • Prison Architect (PC)

This weekend was spent trying out the Division Beta. It was fun but I don’t know if I’m going to get it…I’m on the fence…

What are you playing?