Mission Log 51

Can I just say that loading up the game and seeing the featured image for this post gets me giddy?

Hello, Commanders! I hope you’re having an amazing weekend full of the things you love. If you’re not, I’m sorry. I hope it gets better quick!

Since mission log 50, every moment I’ve been in game has been geared toward making Progenitor as fearsome as possible. I’ve been so focused I keep forgetting to take screenshots! But I do have a new page up on the blog that lists, at a high level, what I’m working to accomplish. I’ve already upgraded the FSD an A rating. I want to make sure I don’t drop my overall credit savings below 100 million. So whenever I have enough to cover the cost of a module, I’ll upgrade it then. Not before. I am strong. I can do it that way…

Since the update I’ve had a chance to give wing missions a try. I like them a lot! I’ve only done delivery missions and 2 out of 3 of them have been my myself. The payouts are great but they’re a bit of a slog. When you’re alone, you have to make a bunch of trips. Once mission had me haul 3000+ tons from Olivas to a neighboring system 13 LY away. Now that’s a lot of stuff but it’s not far. It’s one jump in nearly every ship I own. Unless you’re max cargo is 200+. That’s a bunch of trips….but wait…you just bought a huge damn ship. Let’s fit it for cargo…3 7E cargo racks?!?!? that’s 128 tons EACH. All told, the Corvette (as I have it now) can haul 524 tones. Well that’s a bunch fewer trips. Unless your jump range is 6 LY… HA I’ll upgrade the FSD! I got the money (this was the driving reason why the FSD was upgraded first). That made my laden range 10. The destination was now reachable but it was 3 jumps there. I went ahead and finished it out but I’m not sure I’ll do that a lot unless I have a bunch of time to kill. I feel like I could do the same amount of money with passenger sightseeing tours in a shorter time frame. But it’s still cool. The Wing Mission I did with someone else happened last night after taking CMDR FatRabbit out for some Hammer Gaming level bounty hunting money.

We made him a bunch of money out in the Haz RES sites around home base. I switched into Untold Fortune because the Corvette isn’t battle ready in my opinion and if I lost it, I didn’t want to lose whatever bounties I hadn’t collected AND 10+ million for the ship.

He’s a little hard to see in that first one, but he’s there. he was flying a Viper with a missile rack. That thing can bring the thump. We had a couple of close calls with some way overpowered NPCs but we managed to not lose our ships. We also got to experience the new Crime and Punishment system when we accidentally caught some bounties with stray shots. Because we didn’t gain any Notoriety from killing, we were able to hop over to a neighboring system with low security and pay off the bounties. I have to say I like that a lot better than the old system. You’re back in the fight faster and don’t have to wait out 8-10 minutes while you’re friends continue having fun.

After bounty hunting we tried out the Wing Missions with an actual wing. There was one for 1300 tons, one jump away with a payout of 3 million for me (Higher Trade rating and rep means my payouts will be higher). Which is great because he’ll get the same reward at my level. I swapped ships and we were done in around 3 trips. It took a little bit of figuring out how to get him assigned to the mission, but once that was done, it was a breeze. He even had to drop to the main menu a couple of times and it was simple enough to get him back in and it saved any contribution he made. When we were done, I selected the reward with the most credits and it split it between us 50/50. So there was 1.7 million with not a lot of work and relatively low risk in less than 20 minutes. Not too bad.

I’m excited to try the rest of the wing mission types. Some of them look pretty daunting.

Let’s close it out with some awesome pics of my Corvette.

Thanks for stopping by!

Fly safe, Commanders.

Mission Log 50

Oh man, Commanders. We’re at our 50th mission log! And Chapter 1 of the Beyond update came out yesterday! WHAT A GREAT WEEK FOR ELITE!

Not only is this a milestone for the blog but it’s a milestone in game, for me, too. I’ll be damned if I didn’t plan it this way…cause I swear I didn’t.

This happened on 2/22:

I played maybe 3 hours (basically just spending money for ranks) between then and  yesterday:

Which means this happened 10 minutes later:

We did it, fam! We finally got a Corvette. And I am broke as fuck. It’s worth it though.

In the last mission log I mentioned I was out hemorrhaging money lobbying for reputation to increase my rank. In hindsight, I wish I had waited for the Beyond update. Because I’m pretty confident that the changes made got me from 20% Post Captain to Rear Admin in less than 2 hours of play.

The new mission rewards system allows you to select your reward for a bunch of missions. You can select to get max credits, max rep or influence, or materials. With that as part of the update, along with the sudden appearance of Courier and Strategic Date Transfer missions, I was able to knock out the last rank super fast without having to spend a dime. Which is good cause after buying the Corvette I have less that 130 million in the bank.

Also in the Beyond update, planets are gorgeous.

I didn’t think to take any shots close to the surface because I was hyper focused on getting that reputation!

Other than seeing the planets and taking advantage of the new reward system, I haven’t delved too much into the Beyond update. I do plan on getting a Chieftain but that might be a ways off considering money.

My short term goals at this point are to farm money to A rate the Corvette, which I’ve named Progenitor. I’m not 100% sold on the name. I like it…but I feel like it may end up changing once I get a feel for the ship. About all I’ve done is arm it. As you can see below:

Those guns gon hurt someone. So she’s got some teeth but she can’t do much else but fight with a 6 light year jump range…

So over the weekend and days ahead I’ll be making an untold fortune flying Untold Fortune. I’m hoping delivery missions will start to pop back in the 4-5 million payout range. Otherwise I might have to take some whiny passengers on some sight seeing tours.

At the moment I don’t have a long term goal…I don’t really know what to do with myself….Empire ranks to get a Cutter? I just don’t know.

Here are the rest of the Corvette pics.


Have you gotten into any of the Beyond Chapter 1 content yet? Let me know what you think in the comments!

Mission Log 49

Heyo there, commanders.

It’s been a bit of a break from Elite, huh? The grind is real friends. Sometimes you need to step away.

We’re still working toward the Corvette and I’m going to kick it into high gear. Money be damned, I’m going to start lobbying ranks with donation missions. At the current place I’m in, I feel like the money grind is a lot easier than ranks. So I’ve found a place that regularly has donation missions and I’m just going to stack the mess out of them. There are also a lot of planetary scan job missions there so I’ll switch it up a little once I get one my extra hangers delivered out there. Splitting between lobbying and the scan missions may bring it closer to breaking even. We’ll see.

Other than that, there’s not much else to report. Hammer Wing has moved back into its usual slumber. It’ll probably kick back up when Beyond releases, we’ll see.

Big changes at home, though! New dining room table that we don’t have room for (since we don’t have a dining room) now houses my battle station. It’s a lot bigger and I don’t have to cramp everything on top of one another to fly. It’s pretty classy looking too.


You can’t see it, but behind me and a little to the left is my 3D printer station. That’s a new hobby that I love that’s taken a lot of my gaming time. When I finally get to printing Elite ships…which is only inevitable…I’ll be sure to post them here.

Fly Safe, CMDRs.

Mission Log 48

The weekend and the last couple of days have been quiet in Elite. Over the weekend, I got Mistakes Were Made‘s FSD engines engineered by Farseer.

I got greedy and rolled more than I should have. Lost a roll with a higher range before I ran out of components. After the next Navy rank, I might go do some farming. Though it might be fun to use farming as an excuse to to shake down the new ship. So I might hold off on that. After that I hit the missions. I haven’t upped my rank all that much; 20% through Post Commander. But I did raise my credit balance over 400 million. That’s the most I’ve ever had in the game. I think the only other Hammer to have me beat on cash is Gamercow and all that money he’s made from exploring…but he bought a Type 10 a couple of days ago and BLEW IT ALL. I hope I get a chance to so some bounty hunting with him in that thing. It looks like a beast.

I’m not sure how much time I’ll get in the pilot seat this week. Sunday is my local tabletop group’s first session of Starfinder and I’m really jazzed about it. Evenings this week will be spent prepping for that. I’m playing a Shirren pilot. I’m a bug!

Beyond Update:

The beta starts this Thursday but I’m not sure I’m going to bother with it. I am very much looking forward to the update though. The screenshots of the planet upgrades are really nice looking. It’s going to be really hard to not take a 30+ million credit hit and not get a Chieftain. Video of it in flight looks great. *sigh*

Fly safe, CMDRs.

Mission Log 47.5

It’s always nice when you get this message!


This was an unexpected surprise to all the money farming I’ve been doing. I always forget that cargo missions also count toward the Pilot’s Federation Trade rank. Now that I’m a tycoon, I’ll be starting up a railroad or some kind of oil business.

The only rank after this one is Elite. That’s going to be quite a gap to cross though. You make Tycoon when you post a 390 million credit profit from Trade. Elite rank requires a profit of just over 1 billion. BILLION.

Weekend goals:

  • Travel down to Thargoid town to collect Community Goal rewards
  • Engineer Mistakes were Made‘s FSD while I’m down there
  • Get most, if not all, the way through Post Commander Rank
  • Try not to spend a ton of money

What you guys doing this weekend? I hope it’s fun!

Mission Log 47

Past Matt didn’t do his damn post so here I am, Present Matt, fixing that jerk’s mistakes.

A lot has happened since 46! Gamercow is home!!

The Avenging Hammers flew an honor guard for the last few jumps of his final leg. Here we are hanging out waiting for him at the rendezvous.

While he was docking at the rendezvous station, two Belugas started doing it in the mail slot and both met a fiery, climactic finish.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After the mail slot was cleaned up, we all jumped back home and Gamercow was presented with The Silver Arrow.

After that it was missions and money for me. I’d say a large bulk of the money I’ve made for the past few months have been from Sentry Skimmer missions. For these, you go out to a planet, land, and just blow up Sentry Skimmers in the SRV. You take down 8-12 and can make 3-5 million. I think in the last patch, they got a little harder though. I’ve also found the higher security a base has, the more fire power the skimmers have. Some of them even have shields and missile launchers.

The risk/reward for me in this has turned me away a bit. Also, since I’m seeing high volume delivery missions pay out close to 4 million I’m more partial to them because they take a lot less time. Often, in Sentry missions, I have to log out and log back in to get them to respawn. Which means it’s more dangerous because the CAP respawns too. The past week has been a mix of money and rank grinding. I separate them because generally a mission with an large reputation reward (Rep+++) doesn’t pay out a ton. It’s not that the money paid out is trivial, but it’s nowhere near what a good money making mission can pay out. Either way, the fruits of my labor where realized early on last week when Ranked up to Lt. Commander!

That leaves 3 ranks till Rear Admiral.

I just thought this tourist site was pretty cool…I need to visit there.

Over the weekend, Valthonis and I took our S&R birds out to Thargoid space to participate in a Community Goal! I was feeling some major solo mission burnout and realized I needed a change. Luckily there was a pretty nice distraction available to us.

I’ve pretty much steered clear of Thargoid space, but I’d been out to Blackmount Orbital before back when I fist hit up Felicity Farseer. The asteroid star ports are really cool looking. This was Valthonis’s first time to see one. The goal, as you can read above, was to deliver escape pods and other stuff to Blackmount Orbital. Which means we had to visit Thargoid attack sites. We hit up one in the system first. It was a prison ship. It was scary.

The external camera is doing some kind of weird lens thing on the ship. The Diamondback Explorer isn’t that long.

I forgot to get a wide shot of the ship to show just how massive it is. Spoiler: It’s huge.

We did a run each (Gamercow was there too). But the site really only gave us a couple of escape pods each. We were thinking about going to a station in a system over that was attacked and trying our luck there. Gamercow reported that a Thargoid showed up after Valthonis and I left to turn in. That pretty much locked it for us.

So we jumped next door and headed to Obsidian Orbital.

It is properly messed up, guys. And it’s even scarier inside. I’ve done this before, rescue missions from an attacked station. But this time I brought a long limpets and a Resource Collection Controller. Limpets are little drones that fly out and grab things, and drop them into your cargo hold.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

With those guys doing all the hard work, all you have to do is sit back, watch the cargo hold fill up, and manage the heat from the damaged port.

Here they are following behind me after a run. They’re good little limpets.

We continued doing runs like that for a good chunk of the weekend before burning out and heading back. Both Valthonis and I hit top 10% for contributions. As of last night, I was still there. We started to pick up another Community Goal that wasn’t far away but that was scrubbed because it was for Thargoid kills. Which none of us are equipped for. I discovered this after I had called for Nothing Gained and Untold Fortune to be shipped down to us. Around 4 million to get both down there and another 4 to get back. If I say in the top 10%, when I go to collect I’ll make it back. Making the whole thing a wash. But I’m okay with that. It gave me a reason to do something different and learn how collection limpets work. And we saved a bunch of lives. So that’s good.

When I got back home to continue money and rank grinding, I pulled a mission from the board with a great payout but I needed a whole bunch of cargo space. It’d be an hour before Untold Fortune was delivered so look who came out of the storage hanger!

I haven’t flown Nothing Ventured in FOREVER. I forgot just how fun it is to fly and Asp. She was pretty well stripped down so it was easy to kit her out for full cargo (notice the lack of shields). I also took that opportunity to clean out a lot of extra or unused modules from my storage. I managed to get enough space to take the mission and set off.

After that I took a couple of planetary scan job missions where I set a Hammer record on sick jump height in an SRV. Totally landed it.

Afterwards, back in the Python, I took another planetary mission that brought me to this place.

Bookmarked it and took note of the position on the planet because we’re putting together an SRV Olympics and I think this little box canyon would be perfect for it.

All of the weekend shenanigans paid off in spades as I scored another rank up to Post Commander!

Now just the rest of this rank and Captain stand between me and the Corvette. It’s happening soon, guys.

Ranking bonus, Post Commander gives you a permit to visit Hors….

heh heh heh

Fly safe, CMDRs.

I have an idea for what I’m going to call it already….but…suggestions for Corvette names….GO!

Mission Log 46

Yesterday saw the completion of Mistakes Were Made, a Diamondback Explorer kitted out to be a search and rescue ship.

Now The Avenging Hammers have two S&R ships at their disposal. Here’s her bio:

Space is hard. Sometimes you need help. Maybe your forgot to equip a fuel scoop. Or maybe you were pulled out of supercruise and had your drives taken out. Whatever happened, you’re not alone in the black. There’s help just around the corner.

Mistakes Were Made is the second vessel (alongside Hammer Mercy) commissioned for The Avenging Hammers – 113th Spaceflight Wing whose sole purpose is search and rescue. Any pilot, regardless of affiliation or allegiance, can call on her to lend a hand.

Mistakes Were Made was built as a multi-purpose S&R vehicle equipped with both Fuel and Repair Limpet Controllers. With a large fuel scoop and room for 16 limpets, she has the range to go anywhere and the capacity to services multiple ships before needing to return and replenish.

Fitting her out cost a good bit but it’s nice knowing I can pick her up and head out to help quickly.

After that I was pretty much just set on working some missions to make back the loss when  Jinawee, popped into the Hammer Discord. She’s a streamer too! I say “too” like it hasn’t been 3-4 months since I’ve streamed….I need to get on that…it’s a long story…

ANYWHO, she recently picked up an Oculus Rift as was testing out streaming while wearing it. I switched into Untold Fortune and we went a hunting. Joined by our glorious, handsome, and virile Wing Commander Valthonis, we racked up a bunch of kills and went to turn in. I netted close to 700K in what probably was less than half an hour of flying. After that, the Commander bowed out and I flew escort for Jinawee while she switched into her Type-6 and went mining. I’ve never mined and I’ve never really even seen mining done. It was quiet at the belt cluster she dropped into, which is good, cause I was able to check out the process and learn a good bit. I’m going to have to give it a try at some point!

If I started mining as a career in Elite, what should I name the company?

Mission Log 46

45.5 said I was going to work on getting to the next rank over the weekend. I did that. Kind of. I went from 80% to 90%. I could have gotten to the next level but I took more of a break from gaming this weekend that I thought I would. Spent most of Saturday with dogs. And that’s nice. Sunday, though…well…Sunday was all Elite.


All of that 10% increase in Federal Rank came from Sunday morning. The Avenging Hammer’s discord was active and the veterans were sharing tips with a bunch of our newer members when in walks d20monkey (here he is on twitter). To say d20monkey is a good friend of mine is an understatement. Be sure to check out his webcomic and links to his stuff on his site. I can’t recommend Karthun: Lands of Conflict enough. It’s an amazing setting.

He’s had his eye on Elite Dangerous for some time now and finally all the planets aligned for him to give it a go.

Now, anyone that’s stepped foot in this world knows that starting out is a pain. I love helping new players get acclimated cause there’s just so much you have to know and maintain in order to not die horribly every 5 minutes. When I started, I had to walk up hill to flight school every morning in 10 feet of snow and it was 100 degrees in the shade, IF I WAS LUCKY!

I googled so much.

But still….when you get passed that initial frustration of figuring out how to do stuff in the game and you settle down and fly a wobbly line towards the edge of a crater or you flip over and get all turned around…you realize “I’m in a spaceship.” And it all starts to feel worth it. For all it’s frustrations, Elite lets me fly around space in cool spaceships. And I will always love it for that.

So how did d20monkey, newly minted recruit of The Avenging Hammers do?


In a word, amazing.

He chose the Horizons starter location which was a lot further out from the normal one (relative to Hammer Orbital).


After we got him qualified for basic flight (re-mapping joystick commands, launching, docking, etc.) I tool him to the closest station to give the mail slot a go. Here he is lining it up.


He made it through no problem on the first go. Landing was a little try the first time. His first landing practice was at a planet side port where it’s easier to get your bearings. Stations like this can get confusing inside real quick if you’re not used to it. But he made it. And subsequent landings in stations seem to be getting better.

Now that had practiced docking (and was in a better position to respawn if something bad happened…) we set off for a local RES to make some money. When we were trying to leave the station we couldn’t figure out why he was going so slow…until I got a look underneath him.


The RES in the system was a bust. No one was wanted. We set out for the system’s Nav Beacon and found it to be a bust too. I have a theory that since this is a starting system, maybe there’s not a lot of hostile ships? I don’t know. We may have just instanced weird. Not able to find anything, I showed him how to navigate to another system in the star map and high jump. We had a lot better luck there. We pulled in some cash and then headed to the closest station to turn in bounties.


Around that point I had to log off for dinner. When I got back, I bought a sidewinder and checked to make sure he could afford to refit it and make to to Hammer Orbital. I left instructions in the discord on what I did as far as upgrades go so he could do it on his own. Valthonis flew his newly minted Hammer Mercy out to the station to be on hand in case he ran into any trouble. Around the time I was wrapping up my Star Trek game, I got this text.image

d20monkey has arrived.

I know I said no more spending last week…but today I’m going to build a version of Hammer Mercy so we have two rescue vehicles in the fleet. Then I’ll take it out to Felicity Farseer to mod the FSD. The week ahead will be focused on ranks and money as per usual with breaks for bounty hunting with recruits to help build funds.

Here’s a ship I built just for Valthonis. He knows why.


Here’s a station I just thought looked really amazing.


Here’s how far Gamercow was from home at some point last night. #ComeHomeCow


Hey, how was your weekend?




Mission Log 45

Yesterday I set off for Elvira Martuuk to upgrade the Shield Generator for the Untold Fortune. I wish I’d done a little more research, though, cause it feels like a wasted trip. I didn’t realize until AFTER I’d traveled all the way out to get the Soontill Relics and then all the way out to Khun that she only offers shield generator upgrades up to class 3. Since I was there, I went ahead and built myself up in rep to get the class 3 upgrade and I also tuned my thrusters. She’ll do a class 5 upgrade for FSDs, but I already have one and I’m happy with it. Tonight I’ll head back to base and regroup. I need to find out who will do a higher class shield generator, unlock them, and start farming materials to upgrade. I did manage to get a cool shot of the underside of a corona mass ejection after being interdicted while fuel scooping

I also applied some cosmetic things that I got! Check out these SRV paint jobs!

I also took a bunch of ship screenshots to update profile pics on Inara

And check out the new holo-me!

Other than making my way back to Olivas City, my other goal is to Inara with all my ships’ current load outs. I still haven’t found an automated process to update that so I have to take the text files from EDMC to corliolis.io and them import them back into Inara. After that, I have some funds to restore. Buying the shield generator set me back 15 million. I’m still hovering over 300 million, but I haven’t made back what I spent yet. Hammer Wing has seen some growth in the passed few days (Elite being on sale has helped)! The name has been updated to The Avenging Hammers – 113th Spaceflight Wing.

And we have a fancy new patch/logo!


Mission Log 44

I had a fun filled New Year and I hope yours was amazing as well!

The time off afforded me a lot of playtime and not just for Elite. I got to rock a lot of Overwatch with my online guild. I love playing with Hammer Gaming folks. They’re just the best.

Some of the key things I want to talk about in this log is SRV racing and multicrew, and turrets.

SRV Racing

Valthonis and I were in discord chatting while doing separate missions in Elite when the subject of driving around in SRVs came up. We happen to both heading back to Olivas City and I suggested he equip a planetary hanger, buy a Scarab and meet me at a planet that was close by. And he did!

There he is making his approach.

When he landed, it took a few minutes to get acclimated and map controls to his HOTAS. One thing I’d like to see happen in the future is a revisit to the SRV and some of its features. Like, I’d love to be able to go into turret mode and control it with my TrakIR rather than mapping headlook to a joystick hat. It would make driving and SRV combat a lot easier. Which would have helped a lot this weekend. Most of the money I made where from Sentry Skimmer destruction missions. I feel like since the last update, those missions have gotten harder, but some of the locations you can pull are still easy enough to pull off solo…so long as there isn’t a Python flying CAP for the station…

But anyway, Valthonis got his Space Wheels and we took off and I gave him a little overview of what you can do with the SRVs. Chief among them, collecting resources for Engineer mods. That’s what he’s doing in the last 3 screenshots below.

Figuring out how to use the radar/sonar doohicky in the SRV to find things got us a good distance out from where we started. Definitely far enough for our ships to take off back to orbit, but still close enough to be able to target the outpost that we used to rendezvous at when we arrived. So we set that as our target, lined up relatively close, and took off in a mad race to the outpost. There were sick jumps, unfortunate rolls, and maybe some cheating blaster fire…but in the end, I think it was a draw. I ended up near the finish upside down…but I was there around the same time. My goal is to get as many Hammer Wing commanders as we can together to have a mad crazy SRV rally. That was seriously so fun stuff.

After the race, I started doing jumps off his ship.

Multicrew and Turrets

For as long as Multicrew has been live in Elite, I’d still never tried it until this weekend. Soon after the SRV shenanigans, we started talking about it and gave it a go. Part of all this was refitting the Untold Fortune with turreted weapons so the gunner position would actually have something to do. This brought on another first for me as I’d never used turreted weapons in my load-outs before.

There was a little trial and error and some googling required but we finally figured out how to get it all working. This is the first time anyone’s ever say in that seat. I’m glad it was Valthonis.

All told, multicrew was fun. I little buggy…but fun. I’d like to see it expanded. You can’t wing up if you’re in mulicrew and the percentage your crew mates get for what you do shouldn’t be what it is. It doesn’t incentivize using the feature.

Apart from all those things, it was a weekend of bounty hunting with friends and completing missions. A bunch of those missions got me in a little trouble in some systems. Valthonis caught on to this and killed me in cold blood right outside our home station. I was shocked at his actions as I’m sure you all are as well.

I’m kidding. I wanted to make all my active bounties dormant so I hopped into a sidewinder and let him take me out to collect.

But I made him work for it, I did.

How was your New Years? What are your goals for 2018?