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The more I play Elite, the more things there are that I need to learn. Loud outs for ships was one of the things that I had the most trouble figuring out. How did modules affect other modules? What effect does the extra weight have on my jump range? WTF is power management?

So I’m going to create a page on the blog to document all the different sources I’ve found through friends and searches as a guide for new players and reference to those that have somewhat found our space legs.

This was triggered by finding I could spend hours on there just building different ships.

I’m really digging this Asp Explorer that I build but I’ve parted it WAY out of my price range. I’ve set it up as a exploration/bounty hunting monster. I might make that my immediate goal on my way to the Fer-de-Lance.

That’s it! Just a quick update to advertise the new page and to ask you if you had any resources out there that you think my help folks figure things out.

Fly safe, CMDRs.

Shore Leave’s End and Playlist 1/4/2016

I’m back from vacation! Had a great time in Orlando and on the cruise!

We got into town Christmas night and hit up Disney’s Hollywood Studios where I rose Star Tours for the first time in my life…guys…it was amazing. We spent the whole day after at Universal to take in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. My wife nearly started crying when we walked up to the entrance at Hogsmeade, she was so happy. It was adorable. We has the multi-park pass so we got to spend a lot of time in both areas. Our Christmas to each other was this, so there was a lot of souvenir buying and stuff. It was truly amazing. If you’ve ever wondered if it’s worth the trek and you’re at least a little of a Harry Potter fan, it completely is.

I also got to drink a Flaming Moe while sitting at Moe’s Bar…

Then we got on a cruise ship the day after and stayed on it til yesterday when we disembarked and drove home. I go to work tomorrow. I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten what it is I do.

Hope everyone had a great holiday!


I was away from my PC last week, but here’s what I did manage to play:

  • Super Smash Bros (3DS)
  • Pokemon Omega Red (3DS)
  • Classic Rock Trivia (Cruise Ship)
  • Harry Potter Trivia (Cruise Ship)
  • Bingo (Cruise Ship)
  • Where the hell did I leave my free refill cup this time? (Cruise Ship)

Shore Leave and Playlist 12/21/15

I’m going to be super busy this week getting ready for a vacation from Christmas day through the the rest of the year. Not much time for gaming and less time for writing about it. So let me just say this:

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday, filled with amazing people and doing everything you love doing! Thanks for stopping by here every so often and checking out what I have going on. I’m hoping for more regular content at the start of the new year. I still have a lot to accomplish in Elite: Dangerous, Horizons is out now, I’ve only just scratched the surface Star Citizens 2.0 Alpha, and there are SO MANY other space related games that I want to play and share with you!

I’m also hoping to stream more! I’ve had some great interactions in my last few impromptu streams on Twitch. My schedule makes regular, predictable streaming kind of impossible so be sure to follow me on Twitter to catch when I do go live. I’d love to have you there!

I’m also going to explore YouTube’s streaming platform to see if that’s a thing.

Until next year, Starfighters, stay frosty.




Here’s what I played last week.

  • Elite: Dangerous (PC)
  • Star Citizen (PC)
  • Star Wars: Battlefront (PS4)
  • Super Smash Bros (3DS)

What are you playing?

Playlist 12/14/15

Here’s what my jam last week was.

  • Star Wars Battlefront (PS4)
  • Fallout 4 (PS4)
  • Star Citizen (PC)
  • Space Engineers (PC)

Vacation week is over! It was a really great week. I’m off this Thursday and Friday though.

I finally got the hang of dog fighting in Battlefront and started actually placing in the top 3 for my team. I also got the chance to play with a friend. Battlefront has a partner mechanic. It lets you spawn next to them if you’re playing infantry and they’re highlighted and always visible to you. The game usually just pairs you with someone random but if you have a friend in the match you can specify them as your partner. There’s no VOIP in  game but you can start up a chat party and pow…now you can talk to your wing man. And that makes a WORLD of difference. Someone on your tail you can’t shake? Call the wing man. Otherwise you’ll Porkins all over the place.

Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 released to everyone this weekend! Spent Sunday morning downloading the update. It was pretty big. I’m scared to look and see just how much space this thing is taking up already….and it’s nowhere near done. I only had time to spend an hour or so with it. I checked out the station some and then had to go back through the basic flight tutorial because man I suck. I’ll post more in depth stuff when I get more time with it. But for now it’s looking pretty sweet. I watched a bunch of twitch streamers when the Alpha first released to a limited group. It was buggy but it looked amazing.

I also owe you guys a Space Engineers post….I’m thinking of starting over cause I’m in a pretty hopeless situation and I made it a lot worse over the course of last week.

That’s it for me for now. I have a couple of things I want to write up but I have a good bit of actual work to take care of before the Holidays steal me away.

What are you playing?

Course Correction

So the blog has been quiet lately, and it’s not because I’ve been too lazy to update (though there is a mission log I’ve neglected to post :p). It’s mostly because I’ve been playing other stuff. And that got me thinking…

I mean…I don’t want to lost the 5’s of 10’s of amazing people that have followed and read this blog to a lack of content. So I’m going to make a bit of a change. This thing won’t be exclusive to Elite anymore. We’re going wider. But not just any and all game genre. This blog will be for space games. Everything I play that is space related will be talked about here.

I updated the About page to kind of give you an idea of where I’m thinking of going.

Elite will still be a thing, no doubt. Just not till I get over my current obsession. Space Engineers released a massive update and oh man I have to do all the stuff! You know how gaming is…it’s like binge watching TV shows.

So that’s why Elite is going dark for a little bit. But there’s no reason I can’t shift the focus of the site and share the fun of that game with you too!

So I hope you’ll stick around. There’s a lot of great space games out there and I want to try as many as I can!

Mass Locked

So I wasn’t able to play any last night because I went to see Of Monsters and Men play at the Ryman. It was a great show! Hoping to get online tonight and collect some bounties. For now, here’s a shot of what’s been my base of operations, Bear City:

Bear City!

Click to enlarge

After Tuesday’s fiasco, I’m considering leaving the Freng system…but I’m not sure where I’d go…. suggestions?

I’m also considering streaming this weekend….


Greetings, Starfighter!

Welcome to this little corner of the web. Here I’ll chronicle my journey through Elite: Dangerous, a gorgeous space simulator, that let’s you pilot an awesome range of ships with varying abilities and options. On the site’s main page, You’ll see a thermometer. That’s how close I am to being able to afford the purchase and insurance of a Fer-de-Lance, a pretty cool looking ship! I got a ways to go! I’ve only just started and my target amount is over 54 million bucks.

I’m currently in an Eagle MK II which is just a step above the starting Sidewinder. You can see a pic of my Eagle in the header image of the site! Whenever I make a change to the ship I’m currently flying, I’ll be sure to update that.

Now that I’m in an Eagle, I’ve started doing proper bounty hunting. I cleared a little over 100K last night. On of the steps to my end goal is to get myself out of a fighter and into a decent freighter to do some rare item trading. The reason is two fold. I’m hoping I’ll be able to extend some of the trade routes to also increase my Explorer rank while I’m making good money.  I’ll be in the Eagle for a long while as a good freighter will set me back anywhere from 1-17 million. I have to decide between a Type-6 or a Type-7. There are pros and cons to both…but I have a while before I have to figure that out.

I’ll try my best to post a recap of what happens after every time I play. For a while, though, they’re probably going to be pretty boring. :p

I’ll also be sure to update my funds to goal thermometer. I got around 100k in there now but my goal is so high you can barely tell…