Mission Log 11

Good lord….my last mission log for Elite: Dangerous was on December 3rd?! I have to do better, guys.

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I hopped into the cockpit of my Viper Sunday to make a bit of money. I even streamed most of the session and I think you can still see it archived on my twitch page. I don’t think I’m going to leave it up there though. I need to re-evaluate some stuff regarding streaming. Like…being engaging.

It wasn’t that great of a night. I broke my rules and paid dearly for it. Took on a wing of three and an Anaconda (that was also in a wing with another) without any other NPCs in the fight. I was doing good against the Anaconda till I let it turn to get me in front of it.

So with all the high-ish end components I have in the Viper, it costs around 70k to buy it all back. I’m no where near being in a position where I can’t afford to buy it back…but those 2 deaths pretty much wiped out any gains I was able to make for the entire session. Luckily one of the bounties I tagged was over 80k, but I still ended the night with less than I started.

Maybe someday I’ll learn to follow my own rules….

Probably not.

Check out these planets!

Horizons is available on Steam now. I’m not sure when I’ll get it…but I’m sure I’ll get it.

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